date of release: 1993
company: Miramax

director: Alex Proyas
screenplay: David J. Schow and John Shirley
(based on the comic book, by James O'Barr)
producers: Edward R. Pressman and Jeff Most
director of photography: Dariusz Wolski
music score: Graeme Revell

Brandon Lee as ERIC DRAVEN
Ernie Hudson as ALBRECHT
Michael Wincott as TOP DOLLAR
David Patrick Kelly as T-BIRD
Angel David as SKANK
Rochelle Davis as SARAH
Bai Ling as MYCA
Lawrence Mason as TINTIN
Michael Massee as FUNBOY
Sofia Shinas as SHELLY WEBSTER
Anna Thomson as DARLA
Jon Polito as GIDEON
Tony Todd as GRANGE
Marco Rodriguez as TORRES
Bill Raymond as MICKEY