The Crow related sites:

- Angel's Attic, a very well designed site. Check it out :)
- official movie site.
- a lots of texts and infos.
- paintings gallery, and the gallery of cut scenes!
- original THE CROW comic book, online!
- official site of Alex Proyas (The Crow director). Really amazing design.
- A Boy and His Bird, one of the biggest Crow portals.
- another Crow portal, full of intersting things.
- as you can see, Crow Fanclub ;)
- a polish site, with nice design, by Yennefer.
- another polish site, inspired by The Crow.

Other sites:
- creations of John Bergin (Trust Obey)
- unofficial polish site of Devil Doll.
- A huge rock and metal database (you can find some of my texts there ;).
- official site of a french band - The Hangman's Joke.
- official site of Shellyz Raven.
- official site of KAT.


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and here's 2 versions of my banner:

CrowSite : Nieoficjalna strona THE CROW

CrowSite : Nieoficjalna strona THE CROW
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